Statewide Engineering, Inc.

Civil Engineers - Planners - Construction Managers

Statewide Engineering is a full service civil engineering firm in Douglas, Georgia.
We specialize in civil design, and also offer services in surveying, construction management,
environmental management & permitting, storm water management, and erosion control training.

Statewide strives to work with developers to get the job done in a timely, efficient manner.

We are also working with several cities and counties on grant feasibility and design. Please give Mark Dill a call if you have any questions about the many grants available and how we can help to get them approved.

Premium Peanut Facility
Coffee County’s Premium Peanut, located on Barrington Road in Douglas, Georgia, is the single-largest peanut shelling facility in the world, and began operations in January of 2016. Statewide Engineering participated in the development of this project, and the new $14 million expansion into the peanut oil market, which will lead to an addition of 80 jobs in the Douglas-Coffee County community.

Please click the image above for more photos.
Jenkins Correctional Facility


Statewide is proud to have been part of the design/build team, which consisted of DLR Group as the architect and Flintco as the contractor for the recently completed Jenkins Correctional Center. 

The new facility cost approximately $57 Million
and can house 1,150 inmates.

Please click the image to the right for more photos.

Photos courtesy of Flintco Constructive Solutions

                       Civil Engineering Services                     

Some Recent Projects

Goo Goo Car Wash
Fitzgerald Golf Club 

Statewide Engineering, Inc.    516 East Ashley Street    Douglas, GA 31533    912-384-7723    fax 912-383-6895
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Web Page Last Updated on July 10, 2018

Georgia's Civil Engineering Solution